Did Brexit uncertainty effect the value of your home in Cannock 2018?

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2018 will always be remembered as the year where we were divided as a country. No matter which side, Leave or Remain your allegiance is with, we can all agree that the uncertainty about the future is a constant worry in all aspects of our life, whether it be personal or business.
Amidst all this doom and gloom and the serious amount of fear mongering, what effect did this have on the local Cannock property market?
Well, it seems not much. House selling prices rose in Cannock by 3% in 2018. This is an increase of 7% on 2016 when the average house price in Cannock was £167,000.

The Facts 2018
315 Detached properties were sold in Cannock, average price £252,000
474 Semi-Detached properties were sold in Cannock, average price £155,000
151 Terraced houses were sold in Cannock, average price £143,000
71 Flats were sold in Cannock, average price £99,000

Overall most sales in Cannock over 2018 were semi detached houses with an average selling price of £155,000 followed by detached houses average selling price of £252,000.
Cannock with an overall average selling price of £179,000, was similar in terms of sold prices to nearby Hednesford (£186,000) and Norton Canes (£182,000) but was cheaper than Heath Hayes area (£190,000)
In summary Brexit didn’t have a great impact on the local Cannock property market, a steady increase in house prices has been experienced with no solid information available to say this will change.
The future based on recent behaviours seems good for the local market, if you are thinking of selling or letting your property, I would be happy to help with any advice you need. Selling or letting your property really isn’t that daunting especially when you have someone to help you.
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